using Math in Motion techniques
Tomoko Wakabayashi, and Kimiko, age 4-1/2 explore folding squares using Math in Motion techniques.
Special workshop
Special workshop taught by author Makoto Yamaguchi sensei (teacher) in folding large size washi paper in Aomori.
Horse. Original creation by Mr. Akira Yoshizawa.
Horse. Original creation by
Mr. Akira Yoshizawa.
Anklyosaurus. Design by Issei Yosino.
Design by Issei Yosino.
Stegosaurus. Design by Issei Yosino.
Design by Issei Yosino.
Spring Bouquet. Design by Makoto Yamaguchi
Spring Bouquet
Design by Makoto Yamaguchi.
Hiroshima International School
Visit to Hiroshima International School, home of the 1000 Paper Crane Club. Barbara Pearl and Principal, Paul Ketko.
Hiroshima International School
At the Hiroshima International School, Ms. Pearl embraces thousands of peace cranes donated by schools and families from around the world.
Gifu Women's University
Gifu Women's University, Gifu, Japan
Yochien (Kindergarten) affiliated with Chubu Gakuin College
Yochien (Kindergarten) affiliated with Chubu Gakuin College. Right to left: (seated) Professor Taeko Katagiri, President, Chubu Gakuin College, Mr. Toshio Tsukahara, Principal, Kiri-ga-okam, Barbara Pearl, Margaret Yamanaka, Associate Professor, Department of Business and Management, Ms. Sumie Goto, "shunin" (Head of Staff) Teacher.
Origami Exhibition in Aomori
Origami Exhibition in Aomori, Japan. December 1999- January 2000 Organized by Makoto Yamaguchi.
T-Rex dinosaur skeleton.
Design by Issei Yosino.
Dinosaur skeletons
Dinosaur skeletons.
Design by Issei Yosino.
Dragon. Design by Jun Maekawa. Created by Jun Maekawa, Seiji Nisikawa, Makoto Yamaguchi, Hideko Matsuura. Barbara Pearl seated. Material: Washi paper, 5 square meters (approximately 16 ft. 5 inches or 269.3 square feet). The dragon model took 4 hours to complete.
Mr. Akira Yoshizawa's atelier in Ozumi Guakuen
Visit to Mr. Akira Yoshizawa's atelier in Ozumi Guakuen, Tokyo. Left, Junko Patton, Akira Yoshizawa, Barbara Pearl. Partial study of a horse in background. Mr. Yoshizawa, origami master is an international legend. He has written numerous origami books and is invited to display his original creations in one-man exhibits.
Tsuru. Design by Masao Okamura. This special technique combines folding multiple paper cranes using one sheet of paper. This technique was first created by a Buddhist monk during the Edo period that folded hyakkaku ori(100 cranes).
Tsuru Parade (Cranes)
Tsuru Parade (Cranes). Design by Akira Naitoh. An array of cranes ranging in size from 4 inches to microscopic --a magnifying glass is provided to view.
Yoda. Design by Fumiaki Kawahata. May the fold be with you.
whale of a tale
Join the adventures of a magic square that transforms into different origami shapes: a kite, a whale and finally a penguin. Includes beautiful watercolor illustrations that features hands-on learning activities and easy-to-follow instructions for how to fold a whale.

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